Far From Home / Loin de Chez Nous



In 2012, war is coming to an end in Afghanistan. The French soldiers on assignement in the war zone will finally be able to come back home. This is supposed to be good news for all, except maybe for Sergent Dostali and his men compelled to extend their stay and lengthen war a bit more : one young soldier of the unit has been kidnapped by the Taliban. While dealing with various traffics, Sergeant Dostali tries to save his soldier. Will he succeed when trapped between Ghost, an American Blackmailing him, and his superiors disrupting his plans?

‘Far from Home’ is a dramedy. It is a chronicle of life for a French army unit, unfolding on the Afghan soil. The series depicts a medley of situations and moods through the offbeat tone of dramedy, without taking sides. We dive into the monotonous languor of soldiers’ everyday life, we follow a reporter with no scope for action, we are taken between assaults and invisible enemis, all this against the backdrop of different cultures. Nothing is won or lost and no one is right or wrong.

More info:

  • Prime time broadcast on France 4
  • Season 1 (10 x 26’) launched 19 Sept. 2016
  • Unanimously acclaimed by the Press: « A touching series that oscillates between tough reality and dreamlike atmosphere » (Télérama)



 Synopsis :

‘Loin de chez Nous’ est une comédie de Guerre.

C’est l’histoire d’un groupe de combat de l’armée française plongé dans la guerre en Afghanistan le temps de sa mission. Mais c’est d’abord une histoire de rapports humains, de liens amis ou ennemis, de choc des cultures plus que de Choc des civilisations, exacerbés par ce « théâtre des opérations »…

Ce n’est pas l’histoire d’une guerre toujours en cours,c’est celle des hommes qui la font et s’en débrouillent comme ils peuvent.

Plus d’infos :

  •  Saison 1 (10 x 26min)
  • Lancement le 19 Septembre 2016 sur France 4.
  • Ecriture et Réalisation : Fred Scotlande
  • Distribution : Charlie Bruneau, Greg Montel, Fred Scotlande…
  •  Très bon accueil critique : « Une série émouvante et drôle, entre réalisme et onirisme. » (Télérama)